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The purpose of MassPoetry.org is to create resources to aid and support the Massachusetts poetry community, to reconnect poetry to more mainstream culture, to create new audiences for poetry and to organize the poetry community throughout the state.

The only way that we can do this is with your support.

Every dollar you donate will go to:

  • Paying the costs of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival- especially the stipends for all the poets who read, the workshop leaders, and the costs of publicity.
  • Paying stipends to poets to take their poetry to schools, senior centers, prisons, and communities.
  • Support workshops for teachers to assist them in weaving more poetry into their classrooms.
  • Allowing us to expand this website to include more resources for poets, for readers of poetry and the whole poetry community in Massachusetts.

You can give a one-time donation now, online.

Or, best of all, you can make an automatic monthly pledge of $5, $10 or $20 each month – and each month you will  automatically support poetry and poets in Massachusetts.

MassPOP is about as low overhead a non profit as you can find. We don’t have an expensive office in downtown Boston – we have no office at all. We work out of our homes. We have one and only one paid, part time staff person but a wonderful and growing group of unpaid volunteers.

  • 100% of your donation will go directly to program costs. And 100% of all donations to MassPoetry.org are  tax deductible.
  • So please make a donation now.
  • We are looking for 100 people who will pledge $5 or $10 or $20 per month to support poetry.
  • We are looking for 200 people who will make a one time donation of $25 or $50 or whatever they can give.

We have no mugs to send you. We have no T-shirts. Perhaps someday we will have premiums but today all we can send you is our deepest gratitude for supporting MassPoetry.org.

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Thank you —

Michael Ansara
Joyce Corrao Clanon
Chloe Garcia Roberts
Jacquelyn Malone
Nicco Mele
The MassPoetry.org working group